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  DJ Kryp2nite, or Andre Edward as he is known at home, began his DJ career at the young age of 13.  Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, he has always been surrounded by the diverse music that floods his hometown. The majority of his childhood musical influence came from his mom, with songs from artists like Aretha Franklin, George Clinton, and Prince. 

  At 13, he began DJing house parties for his friends and for anyone who gave him the opportunity to express his love for music the way he knew how. His grandfather (who bought him his very first pair of turntables) and his mom accompanied him to and from his gigs and provided him the support and motivation to start his journey in music.


  Over the years, DJ Kryp2nite's passion for music grew stronger as he developed a more defined artistic skill set and an ear for music selection by performing for bigger crowds in the Hollywood club scenes and in several other cities across Los Angeles and Orange County.


  In 2009, he started as an intern at one of the Top 40 radio stations in Los Angeles, 97.1 Amp Radio, which soon led to his employment for the next 5 years as their Resident DJ.  During his journey at Amp Radio, he developed an interest in the art of music production and audio engineering. He started recording and making beats in his bedroom, which fueled his curiosity and motivated him to apply to The Los Angeles Film School in 2012, where he studied Recording Arts. 

  Quickly after graduation, DJ Kryp2nite earned an internship at 17 Hertz, one of the commercial recording studios in North Hollywood. This internship provided him the first opportunity to work in a very sensitive and professional environment where music is carefully and privately created by top artists and producers. After his internship at 17 Hertz, he was hired at Larrabee Sound Studios in Toluca Lake, where he found himself surrounded by Grammy Award-winning Mixing Engineers, such as Jaycen Joshua and Manny Marroquin, and artists, including Adele, Nicki Minaj, Joe Jonas, Chris Brown, and many others. This experience gave him access to exclusive knowledge about unique recording, mixing, and production techniques used in today's music.


  In 2015, DJ Kryp2nite moved on from Larrabee Sound Studios to focus more on his music production as he opened his very own recording studio in downtown LA.  Today, when he's not in the studio collaborating with artists and songwriters or creating new music, you will find him treating party-goers to an unforgettable club experience! DJ Kryp2nite aspires to continually evolve as a music producer/engineer/ DJ and inspire others to use their gifts to share with the world. 

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